Mechanical Plating

High Quality Mechanical Plating (for Cirteq products only)

For over 75 Years Cirteq has been an approved supplier to leading automotive companies and many component manufacturers. Given our continued commitment to maintain the highest possible standards we installed our own ‘in-house’ metal finishing plant, to offer a plated finish for our own product range.

Commissioned by Cirteq in October 2005, it allows for surface treatment of our products. The mechanical plating plant has the capability to apply zinc and alloy coatings to a wide variety of small and medium sized products. A varied range of finishes are available to meet the demands of the automotive Industry.

Increased performance needs (corrosion resistance), combined with regulations regarding restricted substances (hexavalent chromium and heavy metals), have led to the introduction of new processes designed to meet the requirements of stringent automotive engineering standards.

State of the art measuring and control equipment enables us to meet the standard of quality and supply the support documentation required.


Most mechanically applied coatings can be undertaken and the current range includes:

  • Zinc coatings 5µm to 50µm
  • Zinc/Tin duple coatings and co-deposits
  • Zinc/Tin/Aluminium duplex coatings and co-deposits

Also available is a range of hexavalent chromium free passivates which meet the latest automotive manufacturers specifications including:-

  • General Motors GMW 3044 8K240/120X
  • Ford WSS M21P17 (S437M)
  • TRW TS2-21-079

The process is regularly audited and certified by MacDermid Plc.

Reasons for using Cirteq Mechanical applied Plating

  • Avoids Hydrogen embrittlement
  • Hexavalent chromium free
  • Fully meets Automotive requirements
  • Coatings more even than those of ‘dip’ processes
  • Certified quality and X-ray testing
  • Flexible application
  • Short lead times
  • Reliable supply
  • Competitive pricing