Cirteq Limited a market leader in the manufacture of Fasteners and Retaining Rings. We are an independent Company and have continued to provide high quality products for different industrial sectors since 1939. At the heart of our Business Model is the Quality Driven, Cost Efficient production of our  Customers requirements. more



As one of the leading suppliers of Fastening Technology to the Global Automotive Industry, from OEMs to Tier 1 and 2, you will find our product in nearly every brand of Car on the road Worldwide. We supply:

  • Rings 2-1000mm diameter
  • Bevelled rings
  • Formed rings
  • Bowed rings
  • Custom designs
  • Special materials and finishes

Bus and Truck

Our fastening solutions are tailored to the specific needs of vehicle manufacturers including Truck, Bus, Industrial Engine and Off-road

Heavy Machinery

Heavy duty use relies on heavy duty equipment. Cirteq Circlips can be found at the Heart of these around the Globe


Thinking of any brand of Off-Highway equipment from tractors to equipment, and for sure you will find one of our products holding it together

Wind and Energy

We are a top global supplier to the Wind Energy manufacturing Sector with our products exported around the World


We are able to design and manufacture Fastening solutions to fit the Industrials individual requirements

Your Project Partner

Focusing on customer satisfaction for the whole life cycle of the project, our fastening solutions are used the World over